The Maker Space is a not for profit community resource where anybody can learn how to use digital tools, collaborate on projects or just make things for their own use. The idea is to make our community more self-reliant and sustainable, improve skills and employment prospects as well as give people the opportunity to be more creative. We believe that these technologies have the ability to transform the way we manufacture and distribute products to the benefit of individuals, communities, and the environment.

Maker Space sessions are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. The workshop is open to anyone in the community who wants to learn how to use digital tools. There is a 3-hour morning session from 10.00-1.00  and an afternoon session from 2.00-5.00, with room for up to 3 people per session. If you have never been before, I demonstrate how to prepare a computer graphic, set up either the laser cutter, 3D printer, or router, and make an object. Participants then get the chance to design and create something of their own, and a truly amazing variety of things have been made. If you have been before and you are competent to use the machines you are welcome to work independently, with guidance when needed

There is no fee for attending the Maker Space, but donations are gratefully accepted (a suggested amount is perhaps £10 to cover electricity and insurance)

It is always a really enjoyable day for us.  At the moment this is Cornwall’s only open access digital workshop, and places are limited, but if you would like to come along,  or need some advice about a project please email me with Maker Space in the subject.

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The Next Maker Space will be on Saturday 9th  December

Morning 10.00 – 1.00


2.Ann’s son


Afternoon Session 2.00 – 5.00




For privacy reasons, only first names are listed.

Please let us know if you would like to come in the morning or the afternoon.

Short video of the Maker Space in action…..

Ideas for projects

If you don’t have anything specific you want to make, but simply want to learn about the technology, the internet is a great resource for laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC routing projects. You can download designs for all kinds of things  from websites like, or,   Small amounts of scrap are available, but please bring suitable materials with you if you can, and some ideas of what you’d like to make.

Mental health and digital fabrication

It has long been known that getting involved craft activities like pottery, embroidery, or woodworking can have a beneficial effect on wellbeing and mental health. We wondered if this could be true of digital crafts as well, so we approached The Smartline Project, at the University of Exeter, to see if they were interested in doing a small study. They agreed, and the conclusion was that not only was it good for the well being of participants, but it also helped to improve digital literacy. We are looking forward to working with local NHS providers on some social prescribing activities. You can see more about the project here.

Making makes you happy

Environmental and Community Projects

I am keen for the Maker Space to be used for projects that are beneficial to the environment or the community. If you have any ideas for projects please get in contact so we can discuss arrangements for sharing the facilities in the workshop.

Equipment at the Maker Space;

  • CNC router for cutting and shaping large timber based materials such as plywood, mdf as well as solid timber. It has been used to make furniture, shop signs and to fit out campervans. It has a bed size of 2440 x 1220.
  • Laser cutter/engraver has been used to make jewellery, children’s toys, leather goods and wall art, from thin ply, wood, card and leather.
  • Two 3D printers. One is an ultimaker and will print things up to a 200mm cube, and a larger printer that will make objects up to a 450mm cube. They both print from a biodegradable plastic filament called PLA.
  • A digital embroidery machine, capable of embroidering small text and images.
  • A 3D Scanner for scanning real objects and generating 3D models that can be printed or milled
  • A number of laptops  jam packed with open source design software.
  • There are also resources for welding, blacksmithing, metal turning and traditional joinery.

Costs for hiring the equipment

Once you are able to use the the digital machines safely they can be hired by the hour.

  • Laser Cutter – £15
  • 3D printer – £5.00
  • CNC Router – £20.00
  • 3D Scanner – £5.00

Technical assistance

We are incredibly grateful to Ben Jackson who has been providing technical assistance to the Maker Space recently. He masterminded the replacement of the CO2 tube in the laser cutter. He has also worked up a version of the linux operating system which will automatically install updates, and make it easier to make administrative changes to the laptops in the Maker Space. Other major improvements are in the pipeline. Long may his involvement continue

This is what people have said about the sessions:

“A fantastic resource for the local community. Excellent equipment and teaching.”

“Very useful and interesting course, thank you”

“Absolutely amazing. Would recommend to everyone. Enjoyed it so much”

Address and Directions

Conileigh, Skinners Bottom, Redruth TR16 5DY.

From Chiverton Cross roundabout on the A30, go through Blackwater to Smokie Joe’s Cafe. At the bottom of Smokie Joe’s car park take the road sign posted to Skinner’s Bottom. Go up the hill and straight over the cross roads, pass the old chapel on the left. Continue down the hill for 500M and the workshop is on the right. Look out for a blue converted shipping container.

Do not follow the satnav to Applewood Farm

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