Vivarium Project

Dominica Williamson, of, is an arts practitioner who works to connect people to their landscapes and environments. One of the ways she does this is by taking groups of people out into the country side to collect items from … Continued

Beach Trommel

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We were asked by the local Marine Conservation Society to make two beech trommels to be used during their monthly beech cleans. Basically they are stainless steel mesh drums into which you shovel beech sand. When they are rotated the … Continued

Wind Turbine

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Table of ContentsWhat is Wikihouse?Visit to the Almera Wikihouse Project A Practical Introduction to Wikihouse: A One Day Course.Venue and costThis short video was taken at a recent session.The Miri Micro Wikihouse The construction of the wind turbine came about … Continued

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