In 2015 we built a laser cutter based on the Lasersaur, an open source hardware project developed by Nortd Labs. It will cut fabric, paper, card, fabric, leather and wood up to 9mm thick and engrave on all the above as well as glass, stone and metal. It has a working area of 1100 x 600mm and an 80 watt tube. Recently the motherboard had to be replaced and it now runs the Lightburn controller (unfortunately this is commercial software)

There is a rotary attachment that allows us to engrave on cylindrical objects like glasses and bottles.

If you have a project you would like to get cut or engraved please email me with with your idea. The laser cutter can work with svg, and and dxf vector files, as well as a number of bitmat formats, but if these are not available we can work from pencil sketches, descriptions or examples from the internet.


We charge just £30 per hour for cutting and engraving, and £30 per hour for CAD work. Extra maybe charged for any complicated set ups.

Here are examples of some of the things that have been made: