Although our furniture making days are probably over, there are a few pieces we have designed and made which seem to fit the ethos of this website. The designs for all but one can be freely downloaded and made in a digital workshop.

Reform Chairs

These chairs were designed to be made using recycled plastic for the seat and the back, and solid timber for the frame. The components are all bolted together to make the chairs easy to repair or recycle. Fifty chairs were made for the Eden Project in Cornwall where the specially printed plastic cups from the cafe were recycled to make the plastic parts of the chairs.

Snap table

The snap table has been designed to be cut from a single sheet of 18mm thick plywood. The sprung tenons snap into the mortices resulting in a very ridged structure with out the use of mechanical fixings, although the table top can be screwed to the frame if necessary. The size of the table can modified within reason. The cutting files can be downloaded from here.

Laser cut and 3D printed lampshade

These lampshades are made from 19 laser cut triangles, and 12, 3D printed connectors. They can be used as table lamps, or hung from the ceiling. The cutting files can be downloaded from here.

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